Ecofresh - Rafraichisseur d'air par évaporation

Adiabatic Evapotative Cooler

Rafraichisseur d'air adiabatique par évaporation pour bureau et habitat

The adiabatic evaporative cooler for office and habitat

Ecofresh Office and Habitat

Ecological, Ecological, Natural.... 3 good reasons to use adiabatir air conditioning. Tertiary ECOFRESH is a natural solution for cooling ambient air of the home, office complexes, and small rooms that are overheated during the summer months. A real solution for eliminating calories, dust and polluting vapors in overheated premises (bakery, molding room, technical rooms, dyeing, veranda...). As for Canadian well technology, ECOFRESH adiabatic air conditioning provides a temperature comfort by avoiding the inconvenience of air conditioning refrigerant gas.


ECOFRESH Adiabatic cooler

Natural cooling by evaporation
Refresh your premises for less than 5 € per day



Adiabatic refreshing

Principe de fonctionnement rafraichisseur d'air adiabatique par évaporation
Principle of adiabatic cooling
We circulate at speed, through a cellulose panel, a flow of air at 30°C and 30% relative humidity. Through this process, the air evaporates the water and thus decreases the temperature of the 20°C to 65 % humidity comfort.
Schéma fonctionnement rafraichissement adiabatique dans un local
Operation of adiabatic air cooling
Considering the air at 30°C and 40% hygrometry. In the interior of a builing, where usually with activity and heat load, the indor temperature is 35 to 38°C. By blowing air at 22°C thanks to bioclimatization, the temperature destroyed at human level will be about 25°C : The gain is about 13°C between the usual temperature and bioclimatic air. The ambient temperature returns to a comfort temperature. The key to operation is the use of fresh air, ie the constant renewal of air (about 20 renewals per hour). The air blown into the building must stay there as soon as possible before being evacuated.
Les avantages de l'adiabatique par rapport à la climatisation
Advantage of adiabatic
The advantages of the industrial air freshener :
  • No very low temperature harmful to health
  • No containment since ECOFRESH takes the outside air without any recycling
  • Constant hygrometry 60 %
  • Removes odors and bacteria by high air exchange (about 20 times the volume per hour)
  • Low energy cost : Less than 5 € per day
  • Low implementation, and minimal maintenance
  • No refrigerant pollution



Electronic regulation

ECOFRESH adiabatic coolers com with a modulating mutifunction electronic wired remote control. Keyboard programming provides access to 3 main functions as well as an automated function.
Automatic  function : By the cycle, the operator programs a setpoint temperature which acts by modulating regulation on the control of motorization in order to maintain a constant temperature.
Flow modulation function : The operator assesses the modulation in manual mode and programs from 0 to 100 % the airflow of the cooler.
Extraction function : By this selection, the operator allows the reversal of the direction of rotation in the extraction insufflation passage. This makes it possible to extract the heat accumulated in the upper part before starting up the cooling cycle. This function also makes it possible to extract polluting fumes and vapors.
Automatic drain function : The control is programmed to automatically carry out the periodic emptying cycles necessary for adiabatic hygiene regulations.