Ecofresh - Rafraichisseur d'air par évaporation

Adiabatic Evapotative Cooler


Protect health through bioclimatization

Healthy Air, Filtered, Fresh and New


Protect the health of children, the elderly, the sick

Bioclimatization allows thermo-regulation

Indeed, the body of children, the elderly and the sick does not tolerate sudden temperature variations and requires a relatively high humidity atmosphere. The metabolism can not yet manage during the first years of au child and during aging, high temperatures or thermal shocks. This situation systematically leads to a weakening of the body in a state of febrility (hot shots, malaise, vertigo, dehydration, modification and disruption of vital functions).

Bioclimatization, The sweetness of fresh air

Sudden recycling of air at less than 14°C or 15°C from refrigerant gas conditioning triggers thermal shocks and dehydration of very dry air related to this protocol. These thermal shocks irremediably trigger the bacterial and microbial development of a large number of individuals (angina, colds, colds that can lead to serious complications).

ECOFRESH guarantees a permanent recycling of fresh, filtered and haelthy air at a comfortable temperature and hygrometry.