Adiabatic Evapotative Cooler
Adiabatic Evapotative Cooler

Industrial evaporative air cooler

ECOFRESH is intented to refresh large volumes, industrial buildings, exhibition hall, livestock building, storage hall, offices, housing

The ECOFRESH industrial air cooler works with the very simple technique of evaporative water cooling. This technique causes the water to evaporate when a large volume of dry air passes, thus causing a drop in the air temperature an increase in the humidity level. This system is completely ecological because it does not use any type of refrigerant gas and the power consumtpion is very low compared to cooling cooling systems.

The advantages of the industrial air freshener :

  • No very low temperature harmful to health
  • No containment since ECOFRESH takes the outside air without any recycling
  • Constant hygrometry 60 %
  • Removes odors and bacteria by high air exchange (about 20 times the volume per hour)
  • Low energy cost : less than 5 € per day
  • Low implementation, low maintenance
  • No refrigerant pollution

Protect Health Through Bioclimatization

Healthy Air, Filtered, Fresh and New

Protect the health of your employees, children, the elderly, the sick

Covid-19: No more refrigerant containment air conditioning.

Bioclimatization allows thermoregulation

Indeed, the organism of children, the elderly and sick people cannot withstand sudden temperature variations and requires a relatively high humidity environment. The metabolism cannot yet handle during the first years of a child and during aging, high temperatures or thermal shocks. This situation systematically leads to a weakening of the organism in a state of feverishness (heat strokes, discomfort, dizziness, dehydration, modification and disruption of vital functions).

Bioclimatization, the softness of fresh air

The sudden recycling of air at less than 14 ° C or 15 ° C from refrigerant gas air conditioning triggers thermal shocks and very dry air dehydration linked to this protocol. These thermal shocks irremediably trigger the bacterial and microbial development of a large number of individuals (tonsillitis, colds, colds which can lead to serious complications).

ECOFRESH guarantees permanent recycling of fresh, filtered and healthy air at a comfortable temperature and humidity.

protégeons la santé


Cost: - € 1 per day for housing and - € 5 per day for large volume premises



Healthy and renewed air at a comfortable hygrometry. No pollution by refrigerant gas.



Ambient air, filtered, depolluted, humidified and healthy. Humidifying panel in natural cellulose.

Adiabatic cooling by ECOFRESH evaporation


Mobile air Cooler

Emergency workstation cooling of large volumes with high thermal load.

Wall or roof air cooler

Refreshment of large volumes, industrial building, exhibition hall. Wall or roof version.


Industrial air cooler

Cooling of overheated areas in sites with high thermal load.

Home & Office Air Freshener

Refreshment of all offices, housing, childcare centers, retirement homes …