Adiabatic cooling for large volumes

The adiabatic evaporative cooler at the service of the company

ECOFRESH wall & roof is designed to cool large volumes, industrial buildings, exhibition halls, livestock building, storage hall … The principle is ancestral, but the current control of evaporation guarantees the technical result of the ‘ECOFRESH, thanks to electronic modulation. In summer when the humidity is low, the air has the ability to take charge of a molecular complement of water to lower its temperature close to hygrometric saturation. For example, air at 30 ° C at 37% humidity is returned to 22 ° C, loaded with 65% humidity. The key to operation is the use of fresh air, that is to say the permanent renewal of air (about 20 renewals per hour). The air blown into the building must stay there for as little time as possible before being naturally evacuated or mechanically extracted.

Electronic regulation:
ECOFRESH adiabatic coolers are delivered with a modulating multifunction electronic wired remote control. The keypad programming provides access to 3 main functions as well as an automated function.
Automatic function: with this cycle, the operator programs a setpoint temperature which acts by modulating regulation on the motorization control in order to maintain an almost constant temperature.
Flow modulation function: The operator has access to modulation in manual mode and programs the air flow of the cooler from 0 to 100%.
Extraction function: By this selection, the operator allows the reversal of the direction of rotation in the passage from insufflation to extraction. This makes it possible to extract the heat accumulated in the upper part before starting the cooling cycle. This function also makes it possible to extract polluting fumes and vapors.
Automatic emptying function: The regulation is programmed to automatically perform the periodic emptying cycles necessary for adiabatic hygiene regulations.

Cooling capacity

Number of renewals by activity

Technical characteristics