Mobile adiabatic cooler

Urgent and immediate solution for industrial production cooling (machine cooling at overheating threshold, comfort zone, cleaning up of premises and sites, electrostatic and dry air problem, etc.)
ECOFRESH mobile can be connected to a flexible duct, essential for cooling marquees, in particular for events. The multiplication of locations makes it possible to treat large areas or volumes.
The RSM25HP.T range guarantees an optimum high pressure dilution jet over more than 10m by crossing the ambient air without heating at very high speed.
ECOFRESH mobile is 100% French made. Solid and industrial design, it consists of a tray and stainless steel uprights.
The electrical equipment complies with French and European standards.

Mobile evaporative bioclimatization cooler

A real cooling solution for workstations or areas, industrial buildings, cooling of overheated machines, marquees and overheated cells.
– Eliminates static electricity
– Gives working comfort to staff
– Provides instant fresh air
– Cools overheating machines
– Filters and decontaminates the ambient air
– Maintenance of comfort humidity

Technical characteristics