Ecofresh - Rafraichisseur d'air par évaporation

Adiabatic Evapotative Cooler


ECOFRESH - evaporative Bioclimatization


You understand, ECOFRESH is a real solution to provide freshness for a few euros per day. The only energy costs are electricity for the supply of the fan motor and the pump ( between 300 W ans 2 x 1 kW for the largest powers) and a few tens of liters of pressurized tap water. day for the smallest powers and 1 to 5 m3 for the largest powers.

That is a cost of less than 1 € per day for a home and less than 5 € per day for a building with a large volume of about 700 m3 and 4m height.


Healthy and natural, the ECOFRESH adiabatic evaporative bioclimator, like refrigerant gas conditioning, does not cause any pollutant damage to the air and the ozone layer. ECOFRESH, adiabatic evaporative air conditioner provides a healthy and renewed air of comfort relative humidity especially for children and the elderly.
In the industrial sector. it is a real solution of confort and depollution, a sanitary well recognized by the occupational doctor. ECOFRESH provides freshness, well being and preserves health.

ECOFRESH, bioclimatization for freshness, what is the forest for oxygen, a real solution for the regeneration of filtered ambient air, cleansed, humidified and healthy. ECOFRESH, bioclimatization is the real return to a natural and vegetal confort. The humidifying panels of ECOFRESH are in natural cellulose. The water used is a source of well being and no toxic gas pr moqiode circulates in the installation of an ECOFRESH bioclimatic adiabatic cooler.