Ecofresh - Rafraichisseur d'air par évaporation

Adiabatic Evapotative Cooler


How does adiabatic air cooling work ?

Histoire du rafraichissement adiabatique par évaporation

"A little history"

The natural principle of bioclimatization was already in use 2000 years ago. Well before the first days of our calendar, the Romans used the benefits of so-called evaporative cooling. The houses had no walled facade but drapery draperies that allowed the circulation of air because the climate was very hot at that time. During the hottest weather, the inhabitants imbued the water curtains. Thus the circulation of outside air through the curtains while evaporating then provided fresh air inside the bioclimatic house.


"A little thermoclimatology"

In summer, when the air is hot and dry, the ambient air mass causes a significant thermal sensation.

In our temperate regions where the temperature can reach 35°C sheltered from the sun, if the storm suddenly rises, the temperature can drop to 22°C or 25°C a few hours later. This climatic phenomenin the ADIABATIC or Refreshment by evaporation.


Rafraichissement d'air par évaporation

"A little physics"
The air is refreshing in contact with the water simply because the very not and dry air that will allow the evaporation will cause the hot energy and thus cool and moisten.
It is the physical principle of the adiabatic or evaporative which is symbolized by RAE (Refreshment of the air by evaporation)

This is the ECOFRESH technology.


"From this, let's summarize"

ECOFRESH is the control of the adiabatic phenomenon, evaporative or bioclimatization. For that, it is enough to understand the diagram below.

ECOFRESH is equipped with a helical high pressure fan that draws in outside air. Thisoutside air is pulsed on a cellulose element made of honeycomb, to increase its humidifcation capacity by its structure and its surface. The air in the passage condenses and is charged in hygrometry while losing its temperature.


Schéma de fonctionnement du rafraichissement d'air adiabatique par évaporation


In conclusion, the higher the temperature of the aspirated air is high and dry, the more spectacular the results.

For example, in the miffle east regions such as Saudi Arabia, where in summer the air is very hot and very dry, the ECOFRESH which draws outside air at 40°C and 15% hygrometry, restores in buildings a temperature at 25°C and 67 % hygrometry.